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Classis Credentials

Classical Credentials

The Classical Credentials form is to be completed by all CHURCHES no later than three weeks prior to the next classis meeting. The Credentials may only be submitted via this on-line form.

  • C H R I S T I A N   R E F O R M E D   C H U R C H   I N   N O R T H   A M E R I C A


    For ministers, elders, and deacons

    Notes: Classical Credentials are to be submitted at least two weeks before the meeting.
               Classical Credentials are to be submitted using this website form only.


    To Classis British Columbia North-West

    To convene March 1 & 2, 2022. 

    The Council of

  • Has appointed as delegates to the meeting of the classis referred above

  •      We instruct and authorize them to take part in all deliberations and transactions of classis regarding all matters legally coming before the assembly and transacted in agreement with the Word of God according to the conception of it embodied in the doctrinal standards of the Christian Reformed Church, as well as in harmony with our Church Order.
         We testify that our council faithfully adheres to the doctrinal standards of the Christian Reformed Church and diligently and effectively attends to ministry within our congregation, community, classis, denomination, and the broader kingdom of God.

  • Questions Under Church Order Article 41

    Church Order Article 41 calls classis to assist its member churches in the following way:

         In order to assist the churches, the classis shall allocate sufficient time at its meetings to respond to requests for advice or help from the churches, and at a minimum of one meeting annually shall allocate sufficient time to discuss at least one ministry issue that the classis considers to be especially important.

  • By Order of the Council,